A Note from Chris: The thing about living in a yurt in the middle of nowhere is that every task takes three times longer than it should.

In fact, I haven’t seen so many curveballs since my ol’ baseball days. The list of projects is long and never-ending—like building a shed for firewood and the new ATV (Big Camo), gathering river rocks for the firepit, wiring outlets, cutting a path to the river (or trying to), pumping water for the garden, building trellises and wood racks, and on and on.

The good news is that we had our first guest. A welcome extra set of hands, my son Charlie was here for eight days and helped with the projects requiring hard physical labor. That’s what kids are for, right?

Since Monica is busy creating culinary delights using our new Italian pasta maker, I thought I’d post a few pictures of typical happenings during a week at the yurt. Take a look …

Charlie collects mountain spring water
Monica teaches Charlie how to make pasta
Hmm, doesn’t look like we’re gonna get any water pumped with this burned-out motor
The pea trellis takes shape
The aspens finally leaf out
The view from our Polebridge hangout, the Northern Lights Saloon
One fine fire pit

9 thoughts on “Neo-Pioneers

  1. Looks like a lot of fun, well and a lot of work too. I sure hope you enjoyed your eight days with Charlie. Jeff


  2. Always nice to see the progress being made. Personally I don’t think too many pics of the shed; hard work I am sure in a difficult environment – good job! Charlie looked like he earned his keep. I am thinking everyone sleeps well at night.



  3. I am most impressed! The Ingalls have nothing on you guys. Looks like you are going to survive after all. Well done!


  4. With all the frightening power tools you are using I want the next set of photos to show you donning kevlar chaps for safety and sexiness.


  5. Ah yes! the Bohemian life style, soon you will be eating the bark off the trees just Yule Gibbins. Glad you had some time to spend with Charlie. The last time I saw any of your offspring was when you lived on Highland Drive, you had the Marque Christmas gathering at your house. Charlie looks quite grown up—Bruce


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