Happy Fourth of July! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating 236 years of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. We celebrated by sitting on the side of a dirt road, drinks in hand, to cheer on one heck of an irreverent yet patriotic, charming, and short parade. Classic Polebridge, and we love it.

Here are a few pics of Americana—Polebridge style.

Uncle Sam leads the way
A worthwhile organization
Watch out for these guys on the river
Different spin on the concept of a float

Our tiny town explodes with tourists

Chris gets into the spirit of things
Saloon + volleyball = toilet
The little ones know how to have fun

3 thoughts on “A Festive Fourth

  1. Looks like a rather laid-back town. So is it now … a yurt, a skirt, a shirt and a horse? Chris, I’m familiar with the Mardi Gras beads tradition, but what did you have to do to earn what appear to be Polebridge beads you’re wearing in the one picture? Looks like you had a great time!


    1. As you may know, John, Polebridge is widely known as the “Nawlins o’ the North Fork”. Our Fourth of July celebration has much in common with Mardi Gras. And I figured the beads, thrown from a float, complemented the flag in my hat.


  2. Oh the small town simple life……. Reminds me of Topeka.

    I guess you guys aren’t the only one with “toilet” issues.


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